Selected Works

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Heidi's Zoo,cat/fish

Heidi's Zoo,zebra/zoo

The Circus,ladies

The Circus,tiger

The Circus,peanuts

Welcome to heidigoennel.com! The home of Heidi Goennel.

Since you're here, you probably know my books. And hopefully, you like them. So this is just for you: My illustrations (acrylic on canvas paintings) from some of my books are available for sale!
And, I also have brand new copies of my books for sale as well!
So if you're interested, just e-mail me!

I've featured illustrations from "The Circus" and "Heidi's Zoo" in the center. Illustrations from some of my other books are on the side.

Read! Draw! Be happy!

Odds and Evens,mice

Sometimes I Like to Be Alone,tea party

While I Am Little,boys

Sometimes I Like to Be Alone,Christmas Eve

It's My Birthday,presents

While I Am Little,snow

in Just-spring,boys

Sometimes I Like to Be Alone,reading

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